Premium Quality, Bamboo Sheet Sets from Viscose.

100% Bamboo Fiber, Super Soft, Certified Organic.

What Our Customers Have to Say about our bamboo bedding

WOW!! I love these sheets. They feel so luxurious, soft and silky smooth. They fit my Queen sized Tempur Pedic mattress perfectly. I washed them on cold delicate cycle and low tumble dried as the instructions told me to, and they came out still feeling soft and comfy! I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. Remember the care of the sheets is important to keeping them that soft luxurious feeling.
Sandie / Los Angeles
These sheets are wonderful. It's true, you DO get what you pay for and $169.00 is the most I've EVER paid for any set of sheets. We've had them for a month and they seem to very good quality. They retain heat well in bed at night when our thermostat is set low. When I return to the bed after getting up momentarily in the night, the sheets are still warm. They are so silky soft! Time will be the final test on this so far, very nice quality set of Bamboo sheets.
Rob / Minnesota
After sleeping on your basic run of the mill sheet set for the past year I decided it was time to try something new. THESE ARE SO SOFT. My sleep has improved dramatically over the last few weeks of using these. The saying, "cooler than the other side of the pillow" applies to these sheets as well. The fabric is not only so soft but they breathe extremely well. After basically being used to sleeping at a elevated body temperature using my standard sheet set, these sheets keep me SO MUCH cooler. You can say I'm quite the luxury sheet novice but there is no one who can deny how great these feel.
Gary / Oklahoma
The sheets are soft and wonderful. Pockets are extra deep and easily fit my oversize mattress. I also had an issue with the first shipment and the company quickly replaced my order. I would buy these sheets, from this company again.
Faith / California

Why Choose Bamboo Sheets?

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OEKO-TEX® Certified.

Bamboo Sheets International products are certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

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Organic Certificate of Compliance.

Bamboo Sheets International products are (G.O.T.S.) certified organic.

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