What’s in 1000 Thread Count Sheets that isn’t in Bamboo Sheets?

Thread count for bamboo sheets unraveled. It is always fascinating how much hype can surround a product’s selling point that consumers will fall hook line and sinker for without actually understanding the concept. This is exactly what has been happening with bed sheet suppliers for years and years where consumers have been marketed to with the “1000 thread count” concept for their sheets. Basically, they were led to believe that if you did not buy 1000 thread count sheets at top dollar, then you were sleeping on inferior quality sheets.

In reality, there is much more to just the thread count of sheets than meets the eye. After many years of research, one consumer learnt exactly what this concept entailed and found out what the truth behind luxury sheets actually was.

bamboo sheets international weft and warp illustration imageAnyone who was ever taught to sew would know the terms, warp and weft, which refers to the horizontal and vertical fibers of the fabric. Now basically, this same principal pertains to thread count, only with sheets it is per inch and ranges anything from 200 up to 1000. The true problem lies in the fact that a simple lesser thread count, for example, 500 could be passed up as a more expensive 1000 thread count and the consumer would be none the wiser. Twisting multiple strands together also results in a technically higher thread count when in reality the actual weft and warp might only be 250 thread count. It is difficult to know whether you are being mislead or not. As a general rule, if you aren’t paying well over $200 for a set of 1000 thread count sheets, or over $400 for Egyptian cotton sheets, you probably aren’t buying what you think you are.

How do consumers know the difference then and why can retailers and manufacturers blatantly lie about something like this and not be punished? Frankly, false advertising is illegal and this would certainly fall in the same category.

Well cleverly some manufacturers will take a two or double ply fiber of a fabric and count it as two completely separate threads. Therefore, their 500 thread count can be sold as a full 1000 thread count! The real problem is the fact that there is no one who regulates how sheets are advertised or sold and this is a disadvantage for most consumers who have no way of knowing. The first signs that you have bought an inferior quality sheet are when it starts pilling which is that moment when your sheet starts to feel like it has thousands of little grits of sand on it. The exception to this rule is if harsh washing detergents that contain bleach or fabric whiteners are used on bamboo sheets, the use of these types of detergents can result in pilling. The higher the percentage of bleach or fabric whiteners the higher the chance of pilling on your bamboo sheets.

What really defines a true high quality sheet are actually the staple length of the fabric and the longer its length the better the quality.

Features of 1000 Thread Count Sheets

More often than not 1000 thread count sheets refer to cotton sheets, and your average Joe will have no means of being able to judge the actual staple length of the fibers. Then there is the practice of adding silicone to the fibers which further makes this task impossible. The end result is a sheet that seems super soft and of a high quality due to all the chemicals that have been added to give that illusion.

What’s more, manufacturers do not need to divulge how big the inch has been measured for their thread count! This in reality will make an enormous difference to the overall thread count, in fact is could double the actual count.

When you sees the words 1000 thread count sheets then you need to be prepared to pay a hefty price for that specific set of sheets. In fact, if you are not spending in the hundreds of dollars then it may not be the real thing! So the rule here is that if its genuine 1000 thread count or Egyptian cotton, it should leave a huge dent in your bank account.

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets on the other hand are pretty much cut and dried when it comes to spotting their quality. First off their natural, chemical free growth means that they are extremely healthy and secondly these fabrics are naturally strong and durable.

Bamboo’s staple length is very long which means a smoother textured sheet fabric, plus bamboo usually has a 300 thread count which surpasses the higher count of cotton sheets in terms of softness and quality. What you get is organic, eco-friendly sheets that will wrap you in comfort for several years without leaving you weeping over the price you paid for the luxury!

Considering how many hours we actually spend in our beds, it makes sense to head out and get a 100% pure, affordable organic bamboo sheets for your bed and find out why you will never sleep on cotton again.

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