6 Tips for Caring for your Bamboo Fiber Sheets

Even though bamboo fiber sheets are super resilient, they do need to be taken care of in the correct way, especially when it comes to your new bamboo bedding set. There is definitely no better feeling in the world than when you hold your new set of bamboo sheets in your hand, knowing that by the end of the day you will get to slip between the soft fabric and stay securely tuck in there till daybreak.

But first comes that all too dreaded first wash! Which all thanks to the natural components of bamboo fabric is not such a big deal, so here is the best way to care for you new set of luxurious bamboo sheets.

Tips to cover the care instruction guidelines,

Tip #1: Can your bamboo fabric be machine washed?

Bamboo bed linen is perfect for popping into a machine, there is no tedious hand washing required for these delicate yet strong sheets. Moreover, it is best to put them on a gentle wash cycle. Just remember that they are one of those investments that don’t necessarily need constant care, but will last a lifetime if some consideration is taken on how you clean them.

Tip #2: Hot or cold wash?

As with most fabrics a cold water wash is best for your bamboo sheets. Hot water is possibly the worst thing to do to any woven fabric and could cause your bamboo sheets to shrink. But for those who feel that a bit of heat is best to kill off germs (which is not necessary for these natural anti-bacterial sheets) and is not recommended, then a warm wash is acceptable. Although if you do use heat will use up more energy and defeat the whole “going green” objective that led you to purchasing organic bamboo sheets.

Tip #3: What is the best laundry detergent to use for bamboo fiber sheets?

Use detergent that is free of any chemicals especially bleach, fabric softener and optical brightening agents. These will cause the natural composition of your bamboo bed sheets to break down and deteriorate, increasing the chance of pilling. Most natural or ‘green’ detergents are inexpensive and perfect for these organic compound sheets.

Tip #4: What is the best way to dry your bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets are a unique gift from Mother Nature so it is best to use her to dry them, so this means sunshine and fresh air are king when it comes to drying your sheets. But do remember that due to their composition they do take a little longer to dry so make sure to hang them out early in the day.

Tip #5: Can you tumble dry and iron bamboo sheets?

If you do tumble dry your bamboo sheets make sure it is on the lowest setting to avoid any shrinkage from occurring. However, it is ideal to rather put them on a clothes line and then perhaps pop them in the drier to finish the drying process. This will put less stress on the bamboo fabric.
Ironing bamboo bed sheets is really not a necessity, perhaps just run a low iron over the pillowcases and top of the flat sheet if you prefer a neater look in the bedroom. Low steam and low heat should be used here also.

Tip #6: How Often Should I Wash Them?

Weekly washing is great for keeping your new sheets nice and fresh.

So basically caring for your bamboo sheets is not difficult, the main thing to remember is to be gentle with them and they will last for years. Choose your set here.