Bamboo Bedding The Natural Solution

Anyone who has ever planted bamboo in their garden will know that it grows like wild fire and will sprout in the oddest of places. This hardy plant is very strong and resilient to pests making it extremely popular. This resilience to bugs stays with the bamboo fabric after being made into beautiful bamboo viscose sheets. Nature’s gift to mankind in the form of bamboo!

Due to the fact that bamboo is so resilient, it is found growing abundantly in nature. Its survival abilities are all thanks to the fact that the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo kun. Bamboo kun serves as a perfect shield against any type of bug or plant bacteria that would normally be thriving on these types of plants. However, any bacteria or bug that does try to make a meal out of bamboo ends up with the short end of the stick (so to speak!). To be honest if The Hulk was a plant he would be bamboo!

But the best part is that even during the manufacturing process, which we humans love to throw anything natural at in order to use it, these incredible antibacterial properties stay completely intact. Bamboo tufts are normally processed into bamboo fiber which when woven into fabric maintains its antibacterial components. This is possibly the best news for all those bamboo viscose sheets lovers. For those who have no idea what bamboo viscose sheets are, they are unarguably the most hygienic bedding available on the market today.

When bamboo fabric underwent sampling and testing carried out by the CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Centre), the results were absolutely astonishing. Tests included the introduction of several bacterial specimens to the bamboo fabric, over a period of 24 hours, a whopping 99.8% reduction of the bacteria was noticed. A similar study conducted by an independent research lab found that more than 70% of the bacteria they introduced during their study was completely eradicated and these results were after the fabric had been through an industrial wash cycle a total of 50 times.

Bamboo fabrics are also able to assist in the combat of mould, fungus and yeast cultivation’s which in turn results in the elimination of harmful bacteria and odors. Those tell tale yellow stains that you find on normal fabrics is nowhere to be found on any bamboo fabrics due to the bacteria which causes those unsightly stains not being able to flourish. A skeptical consumer decided to conduct their own research and bought 100% pure bamboo viscose sheets and a set of sheets that was made up of 40% Cotton and 60% Bamboo. A year later the cotton bamboo mix sheets were all stained and yellow, while the pure bamboo viscose sheets was still pristine white!

Thus it would be 100% accurate, thanks to scientific testing to conclude that bamboo viscose sheets is not only luxurious to sleep on, but will be a healthier longer lasting bedding alternative.

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