Bamboo Fabric Ushers in a New Era Worldwide

Worldwide standards are heading in a totally new direction when it comes to value for money and therefore the world is starting to see bamboo fabric as the product to buy when wanting top quality at affordable prices. Bamboo fabrics can be woven for a variety of uses such as socks, clothing, towels, bamboo sheets and bamboo blankets to name but a few items. What we quickly realizes is that bamboo fiber offer a versatile product for international consumers.

What makes bamboo fiber so unique is that they are created using a specific eco-friendly process, which when combined with the natural long staple and flexible fibers of bamboo, create a fabric that is far superior to anything the market has ever seen. The length of the staples or fibers creates a fabric that feels nearly 100 times softer than your regular silk or cotton, even in the smaller thread counts that bamboo fabric comes in.

Other benefits that you will find with bamboo fiber is their ability to naturally wick away moisture, which is a vital aspect for bamboo towels, sheets and clothes. This innate ability to keep moisture away from the skin’s surface means that your body will always stay comfortable for longer periods of time. Particularly when one sleeps on bamboo sheets in hot summer months.

Now imagine this benefit being the result of a completely natural part of the bamboo plants which will last for the entire lifespan of your bedding. Take this into consideration and then add in the added natural bug repellent and anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo kun which is found in all bamboo plants naturally. So not only will your body be removed of sweat, but it will also be safe from fungal or bacterial spore growth and any type of bed bugs, dust mites and other pests.

Unlike most plants with natural chemicals that lose their “nature given talents” when processed, the bamboo plants ability to fight off bacteria and bugs is not impacted at all while being manufactured into a textile. Most people will think that a plant with these aspects will be unkind to their skin, but the opposite is true with bamboo clothing, towels, socks and sheets. To be honest those who have decided to try bamboo products for themselves will all agree that bamboo fiber is the gentlest textile that your skin can come into contact with.

What makes it so soft is the long staple of the bamboo fibers which do not contain any hooks or barbs when viewed under a microscope like cotton and other heavily manufactured textiles do. So it is ideal for those with delicate or sensitive skin types. In a nutshell, bamboo is taking the world by storm for very obvious reasons. See what our customers have to say about their sheets.

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