Bamboo Linen Sheets Defining the Meaning of Pure Luxury

If you were to look up the meaning of “absolute luxury sleep” on Google or Bing, then you are bound to find the words bamboo and sheets up there! When bamboo is turned into sheets and bed linen the result is one of extravagance without the extreme price tag. Even the best type of Egyptian cotton sheets is no match for the supple soft bamboo linen sheets you find in today’s market.

The main reason is that bamboo has a much longer staple length in its fibers than cotton. Due to its natural make up, bamboo does not need to be processed extensively in order to produce a genuinely soft organic fabric. In fact, bamboo linen sheets are super healthy for both the environment and you.

Bamboo’s specialized qualities include an ability to resist bacteria, mould and fungus, as well as providing an environment that bed bugs and dust mites don’t like hanging out in. Where else will you be able to find a product that is natural and has these abilities?

Other Sheeting vs Organic Bamboo Sheets

The biggest advantage of buying bamboo sheets when compared directly with other fabrics is that bamboo has the ability to thermo regulate body temperature. Therefore, bamboo linen sheets result in the most comfortable sleep possible, particularly during those sweltering summer nights.

When it comes to winter, these sheets offer the ability to naturally retain heat so regardless of the temperature in the environment these clever sheets will adapt.

Then there is the fact, that bamboo sheets are able to do a little trick called “wicking”. What this basically means is that bamboo can absorb a huge amount of moisture, this means that your skin will stay dry no matter how much you sweat during the night. Even the most costly cotton sheets have almost 3 times less absorption ability than bamboo.

Any person who does suffer from night sweats or those annoying hot flushes brought on by menopause will greatly benefit from the thermo control ability of bamboo sheets. Plus, the fact that your skin is not being subject to any unnatural products or pesticides, making for a much more comfortable sleep. Our sheets are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified meaning you can be confident that bamboo linen sheets are the healthier alternative for your soft skin.

When you consider all that bamboo has to offer it makes perfect sense that their natural state will all add up to the most comfortable and luxuriant bed sheets that money can buy, and almost everyone will be able to afford this phenomenal product.

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