Bamboo Plants Naturally Repel Bugs and Pests

Anyone who is acutely aware of being eco-friendly will have a long list of ways to avoid using any type of pesticide or chemicals in their homes. However, the one area that many “green people” overlook is their bed sheets. Most people do not realize how many pesticides are used in the growing, manufacture and production of cotton sheets.

So many cotton sheet manufacturers and retailers will advertise the remarkable antibacterial properties of their products, but will fail to divulge exactly how they got their sheets to have these qualities. Most cotton sheets undergo a chemical procedure in order to give them small amounts of antimicrobial abilities. Naturally we would all love sheets that are able to keep harmful germs at bay, but what does it help when harmful chemicals are used to achieve this goal?

Unfortunately, several people will be sold on the idea of “healthier” products without realizing the actual cost and risk to our eco system. In all honesty if one knew the actual amount of pesticides that are added to cotton fabric, they would probably never want to sleep under them again.

Plus, when it comes to the use of pesticides in the growing process, cotton is notoriously known as one of the crops that are saturated in pesticides. The reason for this is that cotton plants do not have many natural defenses against bugs and pests. When one considers this fact, it becomes clear that no matter how much one may want to believe you are being aware of our planet’s plight, using cotton is tantamount to releasing your own chemical bomb on the earth.

Thankfully, there is a completely natural alternative which involves absolutely no pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial property which not only fights bacteria, but also repels insects and pests. It is almost like a natural shield, which does not lose its unique powers during any manufacturing process. Therefore, sleeping on a set of bamboo sheets is the same as giving nature a huge hug.

There are several websites that anyone can go to in order to see the chemicals in cotton, so there really is no excuse to continue using something that does not fit with your overall ideals. Whereas bamboo fabricated items as well as Thai silk both do not need any chemicals to be added in order to grow them. Bamboo is particularly hardy and a renewable resource.

What’s more, is the fact that bamboo’s awesome antibacterial powers have been proven time and time again in several research laboratories worldwide. What makes it so resilient is a natural compound called bamboo Kun, a natural pesticide which is found in all bamboo plants. The bamboo fabric has natural abilities to control temperatures, wick away any moisture and best of all eliminate the growth of bacteria. The secret powers are quite phenomenal and in tests run over a 24 hour period a great success rate was recorded when tested against the dreaded Staphylococcus Aurous bacteria. Talk about a true superhero.

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