Bamboo Sheets are more than just the Latest Trend

Just like clothing fashion, how and what we use in our homes also constantly need to be changed or updated to keep up with the latest trends. Those who love to be considered hip or trendy will flock to stores to ensure that they have what’s new, but the sad thing about many trends is that most are just a passing fad which holds not merit or worth. That is why many consumers nowadays are looking for value for their money and have turned to shopping online, particularly those who want 100 percent bamboo sheets.

Now many will keep up with trends when it comes to clothing, they also may feel the same about their bedding. Buying good quality bedding may be a key element when you consider that you may spend up to 10 hours a day in your bed.

Getting a good night’s rest is the number one way to combat stress and be ready to face whatever your day has in store for you. The key way to ensure that you get uninterrupted sleep is to buy good quality bed sheets. So when you need to choose what type of bed sheets to buy, utmost care needs to be exercised. This is where the latest trend of buying bamboo sheets comes into play and for good reason too. Take a look at what our customers have to say about them, bamboo sheets review.

Unlike traditional cotton sheets which actually contain harmful chemicals and pesticides, bamboo sheets offer a gorgeous alternative that is completely natural and safe. Bamboo plants grown organically are free of any pesticides or unnatural chemicals which means that it is an eco-friendly product. Bamboo viscose sheets continue to keep many of the properties that make the bamboo plant so unique.

When you purchase a bamboo sheet set they come in the usual variety of thread counts and bed sizes. Thread count refers to the amount of strands in each section of woven fiber per square inch. Therefore, when a supplier says that the product has a 200 thread count it basically means there is 100 vertical and 100 horizontal strands per inch on the woven fabric. Generally the higher the thread count the softer yet denser the resulting fabric will be.

Bamboo sheets with higher thread counts are almost like a scientist in your bed. The natural bamboo fibers work to balance the surrounding temperatures in a natural way. When hot the fibers pockets allow air to flow or the fabric to “breathe”, while in cooler temps the fibers naturally adjust to trap the warmth between your blanket and you.

The joy of owning bamboo sheets is not only the fact that they are affordable and can be ordered online worldwide, but also the fact that they are super durable. Of course, you will have to follow washing instructions to prolong their lifespan, but nowhere else on the planet will you find a manufacturer who truly offers a product that is 100% safe for adults and babies alike. So take a look at our online store and order your new organic bamboo sheets which includes 1 x fitted, 1 x flat sheet as well as 2 x matching pillow cases. The choice of colors will have you daydreaming of your new look bedroom with anticipation.