Beautiful Bed Linen from Bamboo Fabric

It’s no secret that bamboo sheets are the most sought after products on the world’s bedding and linen market nowadays. What makes it incredible as a textile is firstly the fact that it is affordable due to the rate at which bamboo plants grow and at how versatile its many uses are. Additionally, bamboo is easy to cultivate and requires very little attention as it is the hardiest grass in the world.

Bamboo has fast become the leader in the world of natural resources for textiles, as unlike similar organically grown plants such as cotton, bamboo gives ten times larger yields than any cotton harvest can produce. The key word here being organic, and cotton plants without any pesticide use are a lot more susceptible to being destroyed by pests or disease. Nothing can be further from the truth for bamboo which is able to sustain itself in the harshest of conditions. Bamboo in general grows much better organically and in turn offers several added health benefits to consumers.
The one area where bamboo products are taking the world market by storm is bed sheets and linen.

Organic bamboo product ranges on offer for bedding markets have several qualities unique to bamboo fabrics. It may be hard to believe that there is anything softer than silk, but bamboo takes the top honors in this category as a result of the long staple fibers. When compared to cotton and silk, bamboo also has a much higher temperature and moisture control ability as it is able to wick moisture away from the skin. As if all of this was not sufficient, bamboo fabrics offer specialized natural pesticides and anti-bacterial agents that will keep you free from unwanted bugs, bacteria, fungus and even your own sweat.

But the true miracle lies in the fact that it is a completely “green” product. Here are the reasons why you will be living much greener by simply purchasing bamboo sheets:

1. Bamboo has natural thermo control properties which will allow you to be warm in winter and cool in summer, thus reducing your need for heaters or air conditioning.
2. Bamboo sheets are able to breathe due to the way the fibers are naturally constructed, so increased comfort means better sleep which in turn means a healthier you.
3. Moisture wicking abilities keeps you dry even on the most humid nights.
4. Allergens are massively reduce from growing on these sheets thanks to the hypo allergenic properties of bamboo, giving you a healthier overall sleep.
5. And of course the main reason you should purchase bamboo sheets for your bed is that they are completely biodegradable, therefore your will be helping to keep our planet clean by simply buying a set of bamboo bed sheets.
6. Bamboo produces over 30% more oxygen than any other plant that is harvested and they also absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere at a much higher rate than any plant of the same size.

So when it comes to an ecologically sound material choice for the world’s bed linen, bamboo comes out on top.

Try a set of bamboo sheets for yourself, you may never go back to cotton.