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Is Bamboo Bedding Suitable for Winter?

Winter, whether you love it or hate it brings with it cold snowy days, long pants, coats, scarves, the want for hot coffee or cocoa and the need for a fire or heating (depending where in the United States you live of course). But no matter where you live, winter means cold, and quite often […]

Why Bamboo Sheets Make the Perfect Christmas Present

Christmas is a time for friends, families and celebration. In particular, Christmas is about giving and receiving presents from those we love. Every Christmas you will hear the horror stories of yet another pair of boxers received, or another ugly vase that simply doesn’t fit anywhere in the house. Let’s face it, giving a perfect […]

Bamboo Bed Linen is the Perfect Wedding Gift

There are a few moments in life where you are expected to purchase the perfect gift for someone. A christening, or a milestone birthday as examples. Another key time in someone’s life which calls for a thoughtful gift is when they are invited to a wedding of someone they love. Weddings do not come around […]

Why you Simply Must Have Bamboo Bedding in Your Bedroom

When you think of bed sheets, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It is not bamboo bedding is it! I bet you’ll think Egyptian cotton, with a high thread count. Sounds fancy right? But have you ever tried bamboo bedding? When someone says bamboo sheets, the first thing that comes to mind […]

Create Your Own Designer Look Bedroom Tips and Ideas

Recreating the atmosphere in your bedroom can be quite a daunting task. especially for those who want it to have that designer’s touch. While most people cannot afford to hire a designer to get a brand new look, simply reading through this article will give you some great ideas to achieve a gorgeous bedroom. All […]

Being Adventurous in the Bedroom Starts with your Bedding

Slipping into something sexy should not only refer to your clothing when it comes to the bedroom. Imagine you have gorgeous silky soft lingerie on and your bed sheets feel like sandpaper. That will definitely kill even the hottest of moods for sure; so why not pay more attention to the type of bed sheets […]

Bamboo Plants Naturally Repel Bugs and Pests

Anyone who is acutely aware of being eco-friendly will have a long list of ways to avoid using any type of pesticide or chemicals in their homes. However, the one area that many “green people” overlook is their bed sheets. Most people do not realize how many pesticides are used in the growing, manufacture and […]

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