Snuggle in with Cozy Bamboo Sheets

Your bed is undoubtedly the last refuge after a long and harsh day. From the first second that you snuggle into your bed, all the days strain and stress should just simply melt away as you drift off into dreamland.

Nowadays, there is a huge selection of different bed linen brands and retailers who all claim to have the most luxurious and best quality bamboo sheets. But, consumers are no longer simply falling for the fancy sales gimmicks that are found everywhere. In fact consumers have definitely become smarter when it comes to getting the best value for their money.

Although most buyers ultimately look for comfort and quality, many nowadays also look at the thread count of sheets. This however, isn’t always the guarantee of high quality as often thread counts are ‘faked’ through clever weaving and twisting of multiple strands to provide a higher perceived thread count. It is often hard to tell what is real and what isn’t, but genuine 1000 thread count sheets will cost well over $200 per set. You can’t buy the real ones at a department store for $50.

Thread counts determines how soft, durable and luxurious your bed sheets will be and pertains to the amount of threads in a woven inch of fabric. Bamboo offers a thread count that ranges from 300-400 and still offers the same amount of strength and softness of higher thread count fabrics. So basically, the higher the thread count the better the quality and the more costly sheets become. But, with bamboo the fibers are uniquely different to cotton and really does not need to reach 1000 thread count to offer you value for your money. Bamboo fabric is so soft and fluffy that it is difficult to weave into higher than 500 thread count.

With bamboo there are basically two main ways in which the fabric is woven and each way gives its own unique characteristics but offer the same benefits. Twill bamboo weave is super soft as the sheets have a much closer knit weave – the weave looks a little like a soft version of denim. Shorter bamboo fiber strands are used increasing its strength and durability and to prevent pilling. Sateen weave is the second weave and here longer bamboo fiber strands are interwoven and give an even smoother feel. But when it comes to comfort and softness they are both on par.

When deciding on which bamboo sheets thread count is best for you, consider the fact that 300 thread count is the perfect balance between quality and suppleness.

In order to care for and protect your bamboo sheets there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should follow. Do wash your sheet in cold water and don’t use extremely high temperatures for any type of laundry cycles. If bamboo sheets are subjected to very high heat, they will most probably shrink as they are completely natural (as will any new fabric). Don’t use strong detergents either as they will cause any fiber including bamboo’s fiber to pill, which is never a pretty sight. Just buy a, more natural ‘green’ washing liquid or powder or one without bleach or fabric whiteners.

But the pureness of a bamboo sheet set cannot be trumped by any cotton sheets as they genuinely are free of any synthetic fiber, harsh chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Bamboo’s natural abilities cannot be recreated as their ability to absorb moisture and breathe, in addition their health properties are out of this world.
Bamboo sheets are available right across the USA in various colors and can be found in California king, king and queen size.

All of the Bamboo Sheets International sheet sets have 2 pillowcases, 1 fitted and 1 flat sheet. So your entire bed will be covered from head to toe in luxurious bamboo. Comfort is guaranteed when you purchase any type of bamboo fabric sheet set or linen. So ensure that your night’s sleep is equivalent to sleeping on a cloud.

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