Create Your Own Designer Look Bedroom Tips and Ideas

Recreating the atmosphere in your bedroom can be quite a daunting task. especially for those who want it to have that designer’s touch. While most people cannot afford to hire a designer to get a brand new look, simply reading through this article will give you some great ideas to achieve a gorgeous bedroom.

All you will need are some new bedding items, such as a complete matching quilt and pillowcases. some gorgeous sheets made from bamboo will add a touch of elegance to your already purchased quilt set, and 2 European style pillows with a secondary color pillowcase. All the colors must compliment or match your quilt color.

So once you have these essential items you can get started.

Firstly give all your new bedding a wash, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that your bamboo bedding comes out as gorgeous as it went into the washing machine.

Secondly, lightly run a warm, not hot iron over the cuff of your flat sheet as well as all of your pillow cases. This will assist in letting them lay correctly on the bed. Bamboo isn’t crisp like cotton which is why it is so soft. Soft equals squishy with a few wrinkles after being freshly washed.

Thirdly, make up your bed starting with your luxurious bamboo sheets and blankets as per usual. For now though do not put the quilt or pillows on. Ensure all of the sheets etc are correctly placed over the bed and tucked in for optimal look.

Forth, do the last few finishing touches. Place your quilt over the bed making sure that the bottom is in line with the edge of the mattress at the foot end of the bed. Also ensure that it is even all around the bed edges.

Once you have your quilt just right put the two European pillows with their pillowcases down first. Place them either at a 45 degree angle or flat for a more classic look. Then follow this up with the placement of the pillows that have the pillowcases that match the quilt directly in front of the European pillows.

And then the final step in the entire process – place your bamboo sheet set pillowcases and pillows in front of these two layers of pillows. The end result will be one that will astound you at how breathtakingly gorgeous your bed looks. Plus, you now know the secret to achieving designer bed looks, that you can achieve every time.

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