Q: What does the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Cover?

A: Bamboo Sheets International’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee covers any change of mind in size, color or if you are not satisfied with our product(s) upon receiving your product(s) or shortly there after.

You are able to return your product(s) for a refund, minus the cost of original postage, the return postage cost is not refunded or reimbursed. For health, safety and resale reasons the product must be in original, new, unwashed and unused condition for a full refund to be issued.


Q: Do your sheets have a warranty?

A: Yes, Bamboo Sheets International provides a 12 month warranty with all of our products. In the rare chance that a product is defective or damaged, Bamboo Sheets International assesses each case individually, requiring washing, drying and other details along with clear photos for verification of the claim. Each case is then assessed and resolved as fast as possible.


Q: Is your site checkout and payments secure?

A: comodo_secure_seal_76x26_transpYes, Bamboo Sheets International has a safe and secure shopping checkout and payment area thanks to an SSL certificate from Comodo, look for the HTTPS:// on the checkout page. All payments are through PayPal, use your PayPal account or pay by credit card through PayPal. This way you are completely protected by PayPal’s safe payment process and policies.


Q: Are my details safe?

A: Yes, Bamboo Sheets International respects your privacy and all details. Bamboo Sheets International will never sell or give any information submitted to another company or third party. Bamboo Sheets International will only use details supplied for internal use. This includes purchases, postage, sale and promotional offers.


Q: Are your sheets organic and safe?

1 – A: Yes, all products available from Bamboo Sheets International are organic certified with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certificate of Compliance. GOTS requirements are recognized world-wide and ensure the organic status of textiles right through very process including harvesting of raw materials, socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing and finally, through to labeling in order to provide credible assurance to workers and consumer. (GOTS) information.

2 – A: Yes, Bamboo Sheets International products are safe and certified to Standard 100 by OEKOTEX®, an independent third-party certification system for textile products. Testing for harmful substances in textiles at all stages of production, including raw materials, intermediate and end products. Eg – raw, dyed and finished materials. Certificates are issued if all components meet the specified requirements. Test criteria are updated annually and, as a whole, go beyond existing legal regulations. OEKO–TEX® information.


Q: Where are they made?

A: Our sheets are made in China, China has the largest production of the species of bamboo to make bamboo viscose fiber in the world. They also have the production facilities to create beautiful bamboo sheets. You will find nearly all bamboo viscose fiber is made in China, even if the fabric is sewn in the USA. We are incredibly strict about our production requirement and quality assurance, so we can provide our customers with beautiful soft bamboo sheets. I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Q: Should I wash bamboo sheets on hot or cold wash?

A: As with most fabrics a cold water wash is best for your bamboo sheets. Hot water is possibly the worst thing to do to any woven fabric and could cause your bamboo sheets to shrink. We have done extensive testing on the shrinkage rates of our sheets, based on the temperature of the water. The higher the temperature, more shrinkage will occur. If the care instructions of our sheets are followed correctly, the shrinkage is below the standard allowance of 5% (our sheets are tailored with this allowance). But for those who feel that a bit of heat is best to kill off germs (which is not necessary for these natural anti-bacterial sheets), then a warm wash is acceptable. Although if you do use heat this will use up more energy and defeat the whole “going green” objective that led you to purchase you organic bamboo sheets.


Q: What laundry detergent can I use for bamboo fabrics?

A: Use a laundry detergent that is free of any chemicals especially bleach, fabric softener and optical brightening agents as all of these will cause the natural composition of your bamboo fiber bed sheets to break down and deteriorate. Most natural or ‘green’ detergents are inexpensive and perfect for these organic compound sheets.


Q: What is the best way to dry bamboo sheets?

A: Bamboo sheets are a unique gift from Mother Nature so it is best to use her to dry them; so this means sunshine and fresh air are king when it comes to drying your sheets. But do remember that due to their composition they do take long to dry so make sure to hang them out early in the day.

Alternatively they can be tumble dried, but the setting MUST be on the LOWEST TEMPERATURE. The same applies here as the washing cycles. The higher the temperature, more shrinkage will occur. If the care instructions of our sheets are followed correctly, the shrinkage is below the standard allowance of 5% (our sheets are tailored with this allowance). We have tested this repeatedly for proven shrinkage rate results from Tumble Dryer temperature settings.


Q: Why have my sheets shrunk 3 inches?

A: This is unfortunate, however this is a result of the care instructions/label not being followed correctly.

We have done and are constantly testing each batch of fabric to ensure the shrinkage rates of our sheets are below the accepted tolerance of 5%, to comply with our care instructions/label. There are 2 contributing factors that can be the cause of the excessive shrinkage based on our extensive test results.

  • The temperature of the water when washing the bamboo sheets was too hot.

and / or

  • The Tumble Dryer temperature settings were too hot. (this is the main cause of excessive material shrinkage, 83% of our test results has proven this outcome)

The higher the temperature, more shrinkage will occur. (this is also common across most fabrics not just Bamboo)

In this circumstance the care instructions of our sheets have not been followed correctly, if the shrinkage is more than 5%.


If you have any other questions after reading through the information pages under our FAQ menu, please feel free to contact us.