High Thread Count Sheets Made From Bamboo

A good night’s sleep is a must for everyone. High Thread Count Sheets were considered the holy grail of sheets, but are they? There is always a particular choice of bed linen that keeps everyone comfortable and soothed during the much needed resting time. Hence, cotton bed sheets were the undisputed choice of many. But you have to understand the factors that make a fabric smooth, soft and desirable. The quality of the material is depending upon the thread count of the fabric.

bamboo sheets international thread count diagramNow you may wonder what a “thread count” is. Well, it denotes the number of strands woven horizontally as well as vertically in a square inch of a fabric. It is a simple calculation, more the number of strands per square inch, closer the weave of the fabric, and closer the weave, softer the fabric. So naturally, if you need to select a soft and cozy sheet, you should opt for a sheet with a high thread count. Gone are the days of regular cotton or satin sheets. The present market is all about natural, organic super soft bamboo sheets. Bamboo is itself a very delicate yet strong and smooth fiber. Thus, you can well imagine what luxury and comfort bamboo sheets can offer!!

Bed sheets are normally in the range of 200-1000 TC thread count. Some cotton varieties claim to have 1000 TC too. However, bamboo fiber sheets usually range from 300-450TC. The normal range is around 300 thread count. Bamboo fiber is very supple and soft and thus the sheets woven out of these strands give ultimate luxury, smooth and comfortable sheets. A very peaceful and sound sleep is almost certain when you have the soft and cozy feel against your skin. High thread count bamboo sheets promise to give all the comfort that you seek and also last longer due to the close weave.

Cotton bed sheets with a normal thread count of 200-400 are average to use. Anything above 600 promise luxurious feel but the price also is high, often well over $200 for a true set of high thread count cotton sheets. As far as bamboo fabric thread count is concerned, 300TC in bamboo sheets is almost equivalent to 1000TC sheet in cotton or Egyptian cotton. So you can see what advantage bamboo has over common cotton sheets.

Bamboo sheets thread count of 300-400TC are supremely soft and durable.  The closer weave makes the fabric strong and longer lasting, with a better wear-n-tear property. Bamboo fiber is long and strong and hence gives a sateen feel even when woven in a twill style. It is a natural fiber that is usually grown organically and this renders it totally safe even for the tender skin of babies. Bamboo sheets have good breath-ability and keep you cool in summer yet the density of sheet gives warmth in winter as it holds the pockets of warm air close to your body. This makes it a super bedding companion for all seasons. Its natural fiber has super healthy properties and thus they are perfect for people with allergies or skin rashes caused from cotton fabric contact.

Whenever you looks for bed linens online, see that you research and spend well. High thread count bamboo sheets may seem a wee bit pricier than mid priced cotton ones. However, in performance and comfort they offer true value for money. Next time you need to purchase bed sheets that can give you a perfect night’s sleep, do not hesitate to invest in organic bamboo sheets.