How to Have the Most Comfortable Sleep Ever

Human beings need to get sufficient rest; and anyone who does not get a good night’s rest will agree that eventually it becomes impossible to function. There is truly nothing more frustrating than ending up all moody due to lack of sleep; never mind the lack of energy. Maybe you have tried to solve the problem by buying a new mattress but still find those restless nights are ever present due to sweating or sheets that end up feeling like scratchy sandpaper on your skin!

Investing in some bamboo sheets will give you the comfort and luxury you need to get that all important uninterrupted sleep. Bamboo Sheets International offer customers a huge range of bamboo sheets that you can choose from; and with the increased demand for bamboo sheets, there are several sizes and styles to choose from as well.

From the minute you hold a bamboo sheet between your fingers you will already know that it is of the highest quality. Many will start asking those informed questions; such as what thread count does it have; how is it processed; what chemicals have been added to make it so soft and luxurious? The answers will blow your mind!

The first question pertaining to thread count; which for those who have never heard of this term, pertains to the amount of horizontal and vertical threads in each woven square inch of a fabric. Examples of thread count that one would immediately recognize is the “1000 thread count” which is often associated with Egyptian cotton; this basically means that there are 500 vertical and 500 horizontal strands of thread per inch squared. The higher the thread count the more closely knit the fabric is and the denser it is. The result of these higher thread counts is a fabric that is much softer to the touch.

Nowadays, more consumers have started becoming aware of what they are purchasing and whether or not it is healthy. The organic or natural trend is one that has taken over almost every kind of buying decision; which many manufacturers have turned into a huge money making enterprise. But consumers seem happy to pay for “organic” items regardless of the costs involved.

However, many are not entirely honest as to what goes into making their products organic; this is not the case with bamboo sheets. Normally bamboo sheets come in a thread count that ranges between 300 and 400; which is super silky to the touch. They are 100% free of any chemicals as defined by their OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification for safety and confidence in textiles. Bamboo fabric offers natural anti-bacterial properties that are courtesy of Mother Nature; so they are safe for even the newest of skins, such as a newborn baby.

Bamboo is extremely absorbent and breathable, adding extra comfort to your skin during sleep. There are two types of bamboo weaves; the twill weave, which is a closer weave adding a huge amount of density and comfort, and the sateen weave; where longer smooth strands are woven to create a ultra soft fabric. Bamboo Sheets International usually stocks twill weave to ensure longevity of your bed sheets, however there is a high demand for the sateen weave because it feels softer and is lighter.

No matter what type of bamboo weave you choose you will still be getting the best product on the market today. The final color and bed size choice is a personal one that is easily met by these versatile sheets. Comfort, luxury, cost efficiency and durability are not optional when you buy any bamboo bed sheets or linen.

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