How to Take Good Care of Bamboo Sheets

Are bamboo sheets on your bedroom decor list? Everybody likes to decorate their home with good furnishings. However, it is necessary to maintain them too, as constant use results in wear and tear. The most important room in the house is no doubt the bedroom. Thus bed linen should be your prime priority when purchasing home wares.

Some people go to great lengths in selecting trendy, attractive and high quality bed sheets for their beds. But that is not enough. The true task is when you start using and cleaning them. As per the current market trend, people opt for natural and organic bamboo sheets as opposed to traditional cotton ones. Organic bamboo sheets are the undisputed choice of many buyers and it is essential to know how to keep them in good shape for a long time.

As we know, bamboo is a natural fiber. These have a tendency to shrink if washed in hot water or tumble dried on a hot setting. It is advisable to wash delicate yet strong bamboo sheets in cold water on a gentle machine cycle. Mild detergent without bleach and fabric whiteners, such as an eco friendly washing liquid, should be used to wash bamboo bedding. The sheets should be line dried in warm sunlight. Nonetheless, you can also use tumble dryer albeit at low temperature. Like any other fabric, bamboo sheets can be ironed too. Just remember to use steam at low to warm settings. Proper care of the sheets will ensure that they last longer without getting damaged.

Bamboo sheets are certainly pricier than cheap cotton sheets. However, if you take all the necessary precautions while cleaning them, they spell value for money. Bamboo sheets are available in two types of weaves – twill weave and sateen weave. The twill variety is made using shorter bamboo fibers and is very closely woven fabric. This makes for a comfortable and soft sheet that is highly durable. The sateen weave has longer strands and hence give the sheet a light, super sheen and luxurious feel. Another factor to be taken into account is thread count. Normal twill weave bamboo sheets have around 300 thread count. However, sateen weave usually comes in 400-450 thread count. Thread count ascertains the overall texture of the fabric as it is the number of horizontal and vertical strands woven in a square inch of the fabric.

Organic bamboo sheets have natural anti-bacterial properties. This makes them 100% safe to use as they are great for skin allergies and rashes. Our bamboo sheets are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified for harmful substances in textiles. Natural fiber is always highly breathable and bamboo sheets are no exception. They absorb skin moisture easily and you stay cool in summer. Similarly, the close weave of the fabric makes it soft and comfortable. So in winter you feel nice and snugly. Overall, this dual purpose sheet definitely ensures a good night’s sleep.

Bamboo sheets are free from pilling unlike cotton sheets, they just go a little fluffy after washing. This fluffing happens when the sheets are new and does reduce after several washes. So unless you wash them in hot water or use harsh washing detergents or tumble dry them on hot and damage the strands, the bamboo fabric will give you a comfortable and smooth feel for a long time to come. When we spend a good amount of money in buying quality items for our home, it makes sense to take good care of them by following the washing and cleaning instructions stated by the manufacturer.

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