Is Bamboo Bedding Suitable for Winter?

Winter, whether you love it or hate it brings with it cold snowy days, long pants, coats, scarves, the want for hot coffee or cocoa and the need for a fire or heating (depending where in the United States you live of course). But no matter where you live, winter means cold, and quite often means having to change your bed linens as the cool summer bed sheets and quilts just are not enough for the cold nights.

If you have been living in the past and are using standard old cotton sheets and bedding, then this will likely be true – you will be starting to dig out the flannel sheets and the special ‘winter’ blanket, hoping that they will keep you cosy at night. But if you, like thousands of Americans before you, have stumbled upon the “amazingness” that is bamboo bedding, then you will be rejoicing at the fact that you can keep using your beloved bedding all year, and something like the change of seasons will have no effect on your sleep. If you have invested in bamboo bedding, the only thing that needs to change with the weather is thicker socks and the addition of a warm quilt or blanket, for your bamboo sheets and quilt or blanket are just as effective in the cold nights of winter as they are in the middle of summer. They are cool when you first get into bed, however they adjust very quickly to your body temperature and help maintain that temperature for a comfortable night sleep.

Bamboo sheets are truly unique and are so much more than a cover for your bed. The bamboo fibres within the sheets have a unique insulating capability which other sheets lack, which means that it actually adjusts to your body temperature. It quite literally keeps you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. When the outside temperature drops, you will not feel like you are sleeping on cold concrete, rather a soft, warm pillow, like a cuddly sleeping bag. If you have a bamboo doona, then there is no reason to have four different quilts which need to be changed depending on the outside temperature. The one quilt will be able to be used in the warmest of nights and the coolest of evenings.

Even if you or your sleeping partner is a night sweater, the absorbent nature of the bamboo bedding will mean that sweating will be minimized, and nights will be more comfortable than you would think possible. Bamboo bedding doesn’t care what the temperature is outside – they don’t realize that it is cold and dry (or hot and humid). They simply exist to provide comfort, and work with your body to regulate body temperature and provide the ultimate sleep.

Do not forget your bamboo pillow cases of course, one must not forget the importance of high quality pillow cases – they are basically bed sheets or your face. By investing in a complete bamboo bedding system, you will be ensuring a comfortable night sleep every night, no matter what the temperature is outside. And best of all, there is no need for the dreaded bedding swap out that the beginning of winter usually requires.