Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets

The bedroom is the most important part of a house. A cozy and inviting bed with soft, organic bamboo sheets is a welcome sight, especially when you return home tired from a hard day at work. Traditionally, people used cotton sheets as they felt that they are comfortable and good to use. However, irrespective of the quality of cotton sheets, even the best ones have a certain ‘stiffness’ about them. Cheap cotton pills easily too. This feels very uncomfortable against the skin as gradually the fabric becomes lumpy due to pilling. A smooth and even textured sheet is very desirable to rest the tired body. After a lot of market research, people have reached out for more natural and organic products. Thus, now it is “move aside cotton sheets and welcome bamboo sheets” trend existing in the market.

What is it that makes bamboo so much more special than cotton? After all, one may argue that cotton also is a natural fiber. Then why this biased preference? Well, the simple answer is even though cotton is natural, it is rarely organic, and if it is, it’s super expensive. To keep the cotton balls healthy, they are often sprayed with pesticides. Thus, even though it is a natural fiber, the pesticides mix with the fiber and eventually the yarn that is spun for fabric carries the traces forward. Hence, people with sensitive skin may develop allergies or skin rashes due to this. However, bamboo is organically grown and thus clean and clear of any pollutants.

Organic bamboo sheets are very safe to use. A baby’s delicate and tender skin is more sensitive against the soft and cozy feel of the bamboo sheets. Organic bamboo bedding is made in twill weave or sateen weave. Twill weave is the most common type found in bamboo sheets. Here the fibers are shorter and closely woven giving a denser fabric that is softer and smoother. The short threads render durability to the fabric. Bed sheets are best selected by taking thread count in consideration. Thread count means the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven per square inch of the fabric. Higher the thread count, softer and luxurious the sheet is. Sheets are available in the range of 200-800 thread count. Extremely luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets may be made in 1000 thread count. Nevertheless, 1000 thread count in cotton is easily surpassed by mere 300 thread count in bamboo sheets. The highest quality bamboo sheets are available in maximum 400-450 thread count.

Importance of bamboo sheets is that it is natural, organic and has natural healthy properties, therefore there is less chances of skin allergies or rashes. It is highly breathable and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. With proper washing care, these organic bamboo sheets last longer without pilling. Bamboo being a natural fiber should not be washed in hot water as it will result in shrinkage. It can be safely machined washed in cold water on gentle cycle. Even though line drying is recommended, bamboo sheets can be tumble dried, but on the lowest temperature. Avoid using harsh detergents with bleach or optical whiteners. A mild liquid detergent works best to keep the gloss and smooth texture of the sheet intact. Steam iron the sheets on lowest setting.

For a more natural product than cotton, consider organic bamboo sheets. Buy yours in store now.