Why Bamboo Sheets Make the Perfect Christmas Present

Christmas is a time for friends, families and celebration. In particular, Christmas is about giving and receiving presents from those we love. Every Christmas you will hear the horror stories of yet another pair of boxers received, or another ugly vase that simply doesn’t fit anywhere in the house.

Let’s face it, giving a perfect Christmas present can be difficult. No matter who it is for, you want to choose something they will love and use, and something that will not break the bank and result in you trying to get out of debt the following year, which is just 6 days away. So what is the perfect gift for someone who has everything and thinks they need nothing? Bamboo bed sheets! Chances are you haven’t considered bamboo sheets as being a perfect present, but now is a good a time as any for an epiphany. Sure, the idea of receiving a bed sheet for Christmas might not fill you with excitement, but when you stop and realize just how amazing and different bamboo sheets are from the sad cotton squares purchased from Target, your frown will literally turn into a smile of joy.

So exactly what is it about bamboo sheets that make for a great Christmas present? The name is not a trick, they actually are sheets made from bamboo – the fiber is spun into a yarn, and the natural properties of the bamboo fibers work amazingly in letting your skin breathe as you sleep. The sheets are remarkably soft to the touch and feel closer to satin than cotton, but do not make you sweat like satin does. Basically, they are an affordable, high quality sheet that is luxurious, and somehow reminds the sleeper of a tropical island (even if it is snowy and cold outside). They are also hypoallergenic so there will be no cries of ‘but I am allergic’ when the sheets are unwrapped.

Every single person with a bed who sleeps (so everybody) deserves to sleep luxuriously, so bamboo sheets are quite literally a gift that is suitable for everyone, and will be appreciated each and every single night it is used. On the outside, it may seem like just a sheet. But on the inside, it is unprecedented comfort that will not diminish no matter how many wash cycles it goes through. And isn’t that what Christmas is really about? Showing the ones you love the most just how much you appreciate them. And what better way to do this then to give them a gift that they will actually love and use, and something that will last longer than their new year’s resolutions. There are different sizes and styles to suit anyone no matter their age or taste, so whether you are buying a gift for your brooding uncle, or vivacious grandmother, there will be the perfect set of bamboo sheets for them.