Why Choose Organic Bamboo Sheets?

Why choose organic bamboo sheets? We all wish that we could afford genuine Egyptian cotton sheets; but the truth is that they are extremely expensive. So, as a result many of us are stuck with inferior quality sheets that are ready to rip and tear within 12 months. Who wants that? However, there is a gorgeous solution with an affordable price tag – 100% pure organic bamboo sheets.

What makes everyone who owns bamboo sheets fall hopelessly in love with them? Firstly, bamboo sheets are made from the fiber of bamboo grass which is not only the hardiest grass species in the world, but are also extremely healthy bed linen options. Plus, bamboo sheets are completely eco-friendly. Our sheet sets are certified organic. Certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® and fully biodegradable.

There are so many reasons why everyone should own organic bamboo bedding, but here are a few of the main reasons:

  1. Super Absorbency – Bamboo sheets have the capability to soak up any moisture at a phenomenal 300% ratio to their weight. This is 3 times more than any ordinary cotton. So technically, bamboo sheets are the SpongeBob’s of all sheets!
  2. Moisture free skin – Bamboo has the ability to “wick” moisture away from one’s body while sleeping. This means that on those blistering summer nights, you will get to sleep much easier thanks to being kept dry by your organic bamboo sheets.
  3. Ergonomic thermo regulation – Now these three words sound like they would be used to describe a car; but in fact they perfectly describe how your bamboo sheets work on a scientific level. Thanks to the natural structure of bamboo fibers, there are micro sized holes in the bamboo filaments. These holes allow the fabric to actually regulate the temperature. The gaps breathe allowing air to flow through on hot nights or will trap air on cooler nights; in turn keeping a steady temperature while sleeping.
  4. Tough as nails – Not only is bamboo strong as a plant, but these same resilient characteristics are carried through once processed into sheets. Even though cotton sheets will last when the proper care is taken, organic bamboo sheets offer a more durable fabric that will last for several years when washed correctly as well. Plus, they are super soft and will be even gentler on your wallet and the earth, long term.
  5. Super elasticity – Everyone can relate to the frustration of having bed sheet that come out of the wash a few sizes smaller than when they went in! Never mind having sheets that originally fit and then start shooting off the corners of the bed just when you are getting comfortable! With bamboo fiber their natural elasticity means that these issues will be a thing of the past.
  6. Kind to Mother Nature – Due to the fact that bamboo sheets are made from organic materials, it is completely biodegradable; and will break down leaving no residue. So Mother Nature does not have to suffer for your comfort!

All in all when considering all that organic bamboo sheets have to offer there is no reason why you would want to buy anything else. Once you use them, there’s no turning back to cotton. Not only are they much healthier for the whole family, but the earth will love you just as much for the consideration.

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